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Teams / Invite coaches to manage teams

Invite coaches to manage teams

Save time by inviting coaches to manage the squads of their teams. You have two options to invite new team administrators.

1) Add coaches manually from the settings of a team

To add an administrator manually, go to the Settings tab in the profile of a selected team.

Add a trainer to manage teams

At the bottom of the screen you will find the section Team roles.

Choach as team administrator

Find the coach by their name if already registered or add their email in case they need to register. When using an email, already registered coaches will receive a notification informing them that they can edit a team and any non-registered users will recieve an invitation to access to platform and edit their teams.

Add a coach to manage teams

Choose the role of the coach. A team Admin can edit everything, including the name, the shield and all other details. A Coach is limited to editing players, friendly matches, training and inventory. An Editor can only edit the news in the profile of the team and the friendly matches. Once you have finished selecting the role, click on Add.

Role of the coach to manage teams

2) Import coaches from an Excel file

To add your coaches by importing them from an Excel file, go to the Teams tab of your competition.

Add a team coach from an Excel file

Then click on the drop-down menu Add Teams. Choose the option Import from Excel and download our sample template. To add your coaches, fill in the team data in the template provided. In the columns Contact and Email add the name and email address of the team's coach.

Personal data of the team administrator

Save the changes and return to the Competize website. Select your file and click on the Upload button. The teams from your file will be added to your competition and all coaches whose emails have been indicated, will automatically get granted administration rights with the role Coach and will receive a notification to edit their teams.