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Create fixtures & generate brackets

At Competize we do not have a magic wand, but we count with powerful algorithms that can help you create your fixtures in an instant.

Before creating your matches, click on Activate competition. Only active competitions count in the limits of our subscription plans. After finishing your tournament or league, you can end the competition so that it’s excluded from your limit.

Activate a competition in a tournament or league

To create an automatic schedule, start by adding your playing fields in the Matches tab under the dashboard of your competition. For a new field, click on the Add field button and enter the name and address of the field.

Match fields, pitches, grounds, courts

In the next step, add your match days. Select a playing field from the drop-down menu, choose the day and hour and click Add. Your match days will appear in the list below and will be considered for the schedule of your automatic calendar.

Tournament and league matchdays

To finish creating your fixtures, click on Manage matches and then choose Automatic calendar. In a single click we will match your teams according to the configuration of your competition. It could not be easier.

Automatic, random bracket generator

If you do not want to create an entire fixture schedule, we offer you the option to only add the next matchday. After selecting Next matchday we’ll show you a pop-up window with a proposal of team pairings based on the match days you’ve indicated in the Match days section. Change any team pairing by placing the mouse over a team and dragging it to another position. When you finish modifying your matchday, hit the button Generate.

Create brackets for the next matchday

If you prefer to pair your teams yourself, we recommend creating individual matches. Select Add match and in the next window write the names of your teams. Then, enter the field, date, time and duration of the match. Additionally you can add the team line ups and comments as well. Then confirm the settings with the Add match button.

Schedule tournament matches

If you are used to creating your fixtures in a spreadsheet, you can save time by simply importing your matches from Excel file. Download our sample file, fill in the obligatory data, and upload it to the platform. To learn how to import your matches step by step, follow our detailed tutorial.

Add matches from an Excel file

Once you have the schedule of your tournament, you can print it, post it on your website and social networks, or send it to your teams. To share your fixtures, you can choose between:

* All matches, only games not yet played, or only matches with results
* All rounds, group stage, quarter finals, semis, or finals
* All groups, or one group in particular
* Order by matchdays, or order by dates

Share the calendar of your tournament or league

You can also publish your competition and share its URL link that you will see in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Publish the calendar of your tournament or league

Thanks to Competize, all your players and fans will be able to follow the schedules of your fixtures from any place at any time. Eliminate any chaos produced by last minute changes. Keep your participants updated while postponing or cancelling matches. Competize simplifies communication, allowing you to focus on the important tasks rather then answering phones and messages.

Update match schedules