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Add players to the team squad

Do you award the best players off your tournament or league? Promote competition between different opponents by showing a real time rankings of players. Track player statistics such as goals scored, received, cards or injuries. Stand out as an organiser and turn your competition into a regional reference.

To assign player statistic and follow their rankings, start by adding players to their team squads. To add new players, navigate to the Teams tab in the administration of your competition or at the top of the screen. Once you add your teams, you will see them listed in the table together with a link Add players next to their names. Click on Add players to get to the profile of the team.

Create a team and add players to the squad

In the tab Squad, locate the button Manage squad. To add new players you have two options - add players one by one or import them at once from an Excel file.

Manage team squad

To add players separately, select the Add player option. In the pop-up window, you will see a search box that allows you to add players already registered in our database. In case you'd like to add completely new players, click on Create a new profile at the top of the pop-up window.

Add players to your competition separately

To create a new player profile, enter their first and last names. Optionally you can also fill in:

* Photo of the player
* Birthdate
* City
* Country
* Height
* Weight
* Number
* Position
* His dominant leg

In case you are adding a former member of the team, we also give you the option to uncheck the Plays currently on the team checkbox.

Manage personal data of the player

To import players from an Excel file, select the option Import players in the tab Squad in the profile of the team. Save time by uploading all the data you keep in your papers and emails. Fill in our Sample Excel file and in a single click import all the players to the team squad.

Import players from an Excel file

In case you're playing on the selected team, we also offer you the option to Join squad.

Join squad

Finally, we allow you to Export players in case you'd like to share the data of the squad.

Export players