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Matches & results / Add referees to matches

Add match referees to tournaments

Simplify the communication with your teams by providing them with updated match schedules and instructions. Publish the dates and times of your games, details of the venues and which referees will be in charge of the match.

To assign referees to your matches, first add them to your event. Navigate to your event's profile, select the Referees tab and click the Add button.

Add referees to the tournament or league

In the pop-up window enter the name of the referee and click Add.

Invite referee to administer a tournament

Once you have added all your referees, go to the Competitions tab, choose your competition and navigate to the Matches tab.

Assign referees to the matches of a tournament

Select the matches to which you want to assign a referee by marking their checkboxes at the beginning of each line of the table.

Select tournament matches to add a referee

At the top of the table, click on the dropdown menu with a Whistle icon and select the referee for the checked matches.

Choose the tournament referee

If you want your referees to edit matches as well, you can assign them administration rights. Any event hosted on Competize can have multiple administrators - admins, referees and editors - each with different limitations as for what they can modify. Referees can only edit matches. To assign them editing permission, follow our Add multiple administrators tutorial.

Tournament administration permissions for referees