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Add teams to a competition

Forget about handling countless paper forms and Excel sheets with the details of your teams. Replace them with an online database, accessible from any site at any time by multiple administrators. Keep information about your teams in a single place and create automatic team seedings, pairings and brackets.

To add teams, navigate to the Teams tab in the management dashboard of your competition. On the right you will find an Add teams button with 4 options.

Add teams to a tournament

If you already have a list of teams in an Excel file, the fastest option would be to select Import from Excel. To import your teams from an Excel file, download our template to enter the information of your teams, and then upload the file to Competize. For further information, follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to import your teams from an Excel file.

Import teams from Excel

If you do not want to import an Excel file, we recommend you the option to add Sample Teams. Select the number of teams you want to add to the competition and create generic teams, that can be modified at any time. Thanks to the sample teams, you can quickly draw your groups and generate the calendar and brackets of the tournament or league.

Sample teams

You can also add your teams manually one by one, by searching our database with the Add team button. The teams added from our database will receive an invitation to your event.

Add teams from tournament database

If you’d like to add a new team that is not registered in our database, select the Create their new profile option in the pop-up window. Enter the name of the team and its location, then confirm the information by clicking Done.

Create a team

If the new team represents an age category of a club, don’t forget to check the Is it a club? box. Next you will need to introduce the name and location of the club.

Add club information

Once the club is created, navigate to the Teams tab and click on Add.

Add a team to the club

Next, choose the sport, age group, category order and location of the team and confirm it with the Donebutton.

hoose an age category of the team

Finally, we offer you the option to invite teams from any of your past events with the Past season teams button. When selecting any team from the list, we will send them an invitation and they will be added with the status Invited.

Invite teams to your tournament

To modify basic information of any team (such as name, location or contact information), select on the edit icon that is located to the left of each row. To personalize the profile of any team with a crest, header image, news, photos or player squad, click on the team name.

Edit teams of your tournament

To delete a team, check the box to the left of each row and click on the trash icon that appears at the top of the table. To change the status of any team, select the checkbox and choose a new status from the drop down menu at the top of the table. For faster management of your competition, we also allow multiple selections.

Select multiple teams