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Your first tournament / Double elimination

Double elimination

The double elimination or the so called double KO is becoming one of the most used competition systems in eSports. This competition system gives a second chance to all the teams or players of the tournament.

A double elimination tournament consists of two quadrants: a winners draw and a losers draw, or a main bracket and a consolation bracket (dropdown bracket) respectively.

The logic of a double elimination tournament:

1. All players start in the winners draw. Once the first round is over, the winners move on to the next round of this bracket. The losers move to the consolation draw.

Double elimination - winner bracket

. 2. Those who have fallen to the losers draw must confront each other to move on to the next round of the same bracket. The losers of this draw will be definitively eliminated from the tournament.

Double elimination - loser bracket

. 3. In the next round of the losers bracket, the winners of the first round of matches in the losers draw will face the losers of the second round of the winners draw. Example: Player11 plays quarterfinals of the losers bracket against Player3 who lost his quarterfinals match in the winners bracket.

Double elimination - winners and losers draws

4. Finally, the Great Final is played between the winner of the finals of the winners bracket and the winner of the finals of the losers brackets.

Double elimination - consolation grand final