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With Competize, the leading mobile application for tournaments, all players and fans can follow the results of your competitions from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, with the Android and iOS mobile apps, all the participants of your sports events can also receive instant notifications on their favorite matches and teams. Simplify the communication with your fans, improve interaction and generate more followers.

Competize application for tournaments

To follow or organise tournaments with the Competize mobile application, go to the Google Play or App Store and search for Competize. You can also scan the QR codes provided below. Download and install our mobile application using the Install button and open it.

Search for Compeze: Android and iOS application for tournaments
QR code to organise tournaments with an Android app
QR code to organise tournaments with an iPhone app
Download and install a mobile app to create tournaments

If you are already a Competize user, previously registered on our website or one of our mobile applications, whether Android or iOS, start a session with your account. If you don't have an account yet, register for free in order to follow any tournaments hosted on Competize and create your own tournaments. To register, check the box Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can also Subscribe to our newsletter in which we send useful information about the organisation of tournaments, success stories and useful resources for the promotion, management and profitability of sports events. Choose between registering with a Facebook account, Google, or your personal email. Add basic information to create your account. Once registered, configure your profile y choosing a role.

Free application to create tournaments
Register for free in application to create tournaments
Free registration in Competize app for tournaments


Choose the organiser role if you have a tournament and want to save time in managing your schedules, brackets and results and share all information in real time via web and mobile apps. Complete your registration by choosing tournaments you would like to follow. You can choose between any of the suggested events or use the available search engine. To follow a tournament, use the button +. If you do not wish to follow any events at this moment, simply skip the step and access these Competize tournaments from your account, from the tabs Events and Featured Events. Once you're finished with your registration, in your home screen you will find the option to create a new tournament and customize your account.

Organiser role to create tournaments
Follow favourite tournaments
Create tournaments from app for organisers
Access teams and tournaments from mobile app


Choose the fan role if you are a spectator and want to follow tournaments and leagues hosted on Competize. Then proceed by choosing your favourite teams and events using our suggestions or the provided search engine and hitting the button +. We will automatically load all the information related to these teams and events into the home screen of your profile. You will also receive instant notifications with updates on the matches of your favorite teams.

Fan role to follow tournaments
Follow favorite teams in Competize app
Follow favorite events in Competize app
Follow tournaments from an app for fans


Select the player role if you play in a competition that is hosted on Competize. Configure the position in which you play and follow your favourite teams and events using our suggestions or the search engine and hitting the button +. Once finished, you will see your player profile with statistics from your games. To add statistics from any competitions that you participate in, claim your player profiles in the details of these competitions.

Player role to follow tournaments
Choose player
Follow favorite events in app Competize

Follow favorite events in Competize app
View statistics from app for players
Instant notifications from app for tournaments