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Your first tournament / Edit an event

Edit an event

Competize allows you to customize the website of your sports event with a banner, contact details, news, photos, sponsors and even a store for the sale of your merchandising. Create your tournament website in seconds without a big budget nor programming skills.

Enter the details of your event from the
Home screen by clicking on the name of the event. You can also access it from the Events tab in the top menu.

Edit tournaments and leagues

Once on your event page, you can add a cover image. For example, showcase your brand by uploading the poster of your tournament.


You can also add the event logo so that players and fans can easily recognize you.


In the Details tab you can edit your contact details, so that players and teams can reach you in case of any doubts. You can also add links to your website or social networks.


In the News tab you can highlight the latest news or publish useful information such as last minute changes, information about registrations, the opening ceremony or the final awards. Keep all the participants informed in a single click and avoid countless email and calls.

Add news to the tournament

To publish news, click on the Add button, choose an image and edit the text of the news.

Edit tournament\

In the Photos tab you can post photos of your event, teams or matches. An image is worth a thousand words and will bring you more followers.

Add photos to the tournament

In the Competitions tab, add your competitions by clicking on the Add button. A competition is played between teams of the same category during one season. For example, a tournament can contain multiple age categories or divisions.

Add competition

To add your competition you will have to configure your preferences, including:

1) Name of the competition
2) Sport
3) Age group
4) Format
5) Start date
6) End date (optional field)
7) Type of competition (league, playoffs, knockout or group phase and final knockout) with the option to select one leg or two legs
8) Number of groups
9) Number of knockout rounds
10) Number of consolation rounds


To edit a competition, click on its name. To delete a competition, check the box next to its name and select the trashcan icon.

Delete a competition

In the Sponsors tab you can showcase your sponsors. Brands pay for visibility and thanks to Competize you can multiply your reach and improve your financial results.

Publish sponsors

By clicking on the Add button, fill in the details of your sponsor: their name, website and contact details.

Edit sponsors

In the Settings tab, you can delete your event and change its visibility by checking or unchecking the Public competition option box.

Delete event

You can also allow others to create matches, enter game results or publish news. Check the corresponding boxes or add new administrators, referees or editors.

Thanks to multiple admins you can save time by allowing your referees or field managers to enter the match results from their phones straight from the pitch.

Finally you can configure how to receive payments from merchandising sales in your online store. Enter your Paypal email so that we can process the payments and transfer your money. Start invoicing more with the sales of professional photos, sports equipment or t-shirts of your event.

Multiple admins