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Edit teams in your competition

Stand out by providing an unforgettable experience to your teams. Provide each of your teams with a personalized online profile that would allow them to follow their schedules, results and player statistics.

To edit a team, click on its name in the Teams tab of your competition.

Edit a team in your tournament or league

To begin with, add their logo and a cover image.

Team logo, badge, shield

Moving to the menu that is just below. In Details you can change all the basic information of the team and include their social networks, website and address.

Details of your tournament or league teams

In the Matches tab you will see all the matches played by the selected team.

Team matches

When clicking on any match, you can edit, postpone or delete the match. With the button Edit match you can modify its location, timing and result. You can also add player lineups and assign players statistics such as goals scored, received, cards, injuries, and other statistics. Finally, if you have TV screens at your event venue, you can use the TV Mode button to display game results in real time on a full, auto-refreshing screen.

Edit schedules, playing fields, match results

Back in the team profile, under the Squad tab you can add players. Create them either one by one with the Add player button or import them from an Excel with the Import players button. You can also join the team in case you are a player and export the squad list in an Excel file.

Add players to the team squad

If you have previously added your players, you will see a list with their names, positions, registration date and statistics. Each player can be edited by clicking on the pen icon to the left of their photo.

Team squad with player statistics

To eliminate any player, select a checkbox at the beginning of each row and click on the trash icon on the top of the list. This way you can also modify the status of each player, choosing between players and ex-players.

Update player status

To access more details in the profile of any player, click on their name.

Player profile

In the Rankings tab you can see the best scorers, goalkeepers, players and the teams with the best fair play.

Rankings of scorers, goalkeepers, the best players, fair play

In the News tab you can publish the latest team news, any essential information or last minute changes.

Team news

In the Photos tab you can also add photos of the team.

Team photos

To highlight sponsors of your event or the team sponsors, navigate to the Sponsors tab and publish their logos.

Team sponsors