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Follow tournaments

Your players and fans can easily follow tournaments thanks to Competize web and mobile applications. Simplify communication with all the participants, keeping them up to date with live results, and generate more followers for your sports events.

1. Follow tournaments from the web

On our website we offer the possibility to search for tournaments without the need to be registered. Visitors can simply enter the name of an event in the search engine provided and select any tournament from the suggestions.

However, we highly recommend registration so that users can add tournaments to their favorites and access them easily at any time. In the registration process we allow users to select their favorite tournaments and teams, which are then added to the user's home page.

If a user is already registered and wants to search for tournaments from his account, he can go to the main menu and choose the tab Events.

Follow tournaments from the fan

On the events page users can see a Search icon that allows them to search for tournaments by name, city or country.

Search tournaments by name, city or country

To follow any tournament, users can click on the Follow button next to the name of the event in the list of search results.

Follow tournaments on Competize website

It's also possible to follow any tournament from its profile by clicking the Follow button.

Tournament profile in Competize

Subsequently, users will be able to see all their favorite tournaments on the home page of their account. If the user is a player, he will see his personal statistics followed by his matches, teams and events.

If the user is a fan, on the home page he will see the news of his favorite teams and tournaments.

View favorite teams and tournaments in fan account

2. Follow tournaments from the mobile application

To take advantage of Competize mobile applications all users need to register. In the registration process, users can choose their favorite tournaments and teams.

Search teams in Competize mobile app
Follow teams in Competize mobile app
Follow tournaments in Competize mobile app

Once registered, users can search for new tournaments from the tab My Profile. In their profile, users with a fan role can select the tab Events and hit the Button + and Follow events.

Fan profile in Competize mobile app
Favorite tournaments in Competize mobile app
Follow favourite tournaments
Tournaments organised in Competize