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Standings & brackets / Draw groups

Create random group draw of teams

If your competition counts with a group stage, take advantage of our random group draw. Save time managing your tournaments and leagues by dividing your teams into groups with a single click.

Go to the Standings tab in the administration panel of your competition. In the Groups section, select the option Generate random groups, and the teams will be divided automatically in a random fashion. If you’d like to modify the number of your groups, navigate to the Settings tab of your competition.

Random draw of teams into groups

If you work with seeded teams or want a specific division of your teams (by their skill set or by their location, for example), you can opt for a manual group draw. Place your mouse over the crest of a team, left-click and hold, and then drag the team to the desired group.

Manual seeding of teams

To modify the group draw, drag and drop teams between the groups.

Edit tournament draw

Your groups remain private until you click the Publish groups button. Make as many changes as you wish until you have a final version that you are ready to share with all the participants of your tournament. The visibility of your groups can be changed any time by selecting the Hide groups button.

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