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Import matches from an Excel file

Do you work with complex match schedules or do you have specific preferences for your team pairings and brackets? With the option to import matches from an Excel file, we allow you to build your personalised match calendar, upload it to Competize and easily combine your schedules with real time results and standings.

To create your match schedule, first activate your competition. By clicking on the button Activate competition, you'll unlock the features needed for managing your schedules and results. Based on your subscription plan, you can have a different amount of simultaneously active competitions.

Activate your tournament or league competition

To upload your match schedule, go to the Matches tab and look for the Manage matches dropdown menu. Select the Import from Excel option

Import matches to your tournament from an Excel sheet

In the pop-up screen, download our sample Excel file by clicking on the link indicated in the first step.

Template with team pairings to create a match schedule

Locate and open the downloaded file to enter your data. The fields Date, Time, Home Team and Away Team are required fields, needed to create your calendar. The names of the teams must match exactly the names you've indicated in the Teams tab of your competition. The columns Status, Home result, Visiting result, Group/Round, Matchday, Venue and Referee are optional and may remain empty.

The Excel sheet with the schedules and fields of your matches

Once your file is ready, save it and click on the button Select file.

Upload the Excel file with matches of your tournament

In the popup window, locate the file on your computer and confirm the selection with the button Open.

Import the calendar with matches for your tournament championship or league from an Excel

Finally, hit the button Upload and check the result of the upload. If you wish to make any further changes, you can edit your tournament calendar inline or click on the edit icon next to each match.

Calendar with matches uploaded from an Excel sheet