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Teams / Import players from an Excel file

Import players from an Excel file

Allow your players, their parents and friends to follow personal statistics and player rankings. Save time when delivering prizes with an automatic ranking of the best goal scorers, goalkeepers, MVPs and fair play. Simply add player squads to each team by importing them from an Excel.

In the panel of your competition, navigate to the Teams tab and click on the Add players link in the line of the selected team.

To add players, navigate to the Teams tab in the administration panel of your competition or to the main menu at the top of the screen. Once you've added your teams , you will see a list with their names and to the right a link to Add players. Click on Add players to get to the team's profile. Add players to a team from an Excel sheet

In the team profile you will see a Manage template drop-down menu. Choose the option Import players.

Upload squad from an Excel file

In the pop-up screen, download our sample file by clicking on the link in the first step.

Manage tournament players with Excel sheet

Locate and open the downloaded file to enter your data. The Name and Last Name fields are required fields that we need to create the profiles of your players. The fields Dorsal, Position, Date of birth, Mail, City, Country, State and Photo are optional fields that can be used to keep all your information organised in one place.

If you have the photos of your players, you need to host them on your server and enter the URL of each image. In case you do not have your own server, you can choose to upload them to Google Drive and enter the link of each image hosted on the Drive.

URL example of an image hosted on your own server:

URL example of an image hosted in Google Drive:

Manage your players

Once you have your file ready, save it and click on the Select file button.

Upload players of the tournament or league from an Excel

In the pop-up window, locate the file on your computer and confirm the selection with the Open button.

Manage uploading players to team squad from Excel

Finally, hit the Upload button and review the imported template.

Result of the import of players to your tournament or league