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Teams / Import teams from an Excel file

Import teams from an Excel file

Save heaps of time in the management of your tournaments and leagues. Do you keep a list of your participating teams in an Excel file? Upload them in just a few clicks to create random group division and brackets.

In the administration panel of your competition, go to the Teams tab and select Add teams, Import from Excel.

Upload teams to your competition from an Excel

In the pop-up screen, download our sample file by clicking on the link in the first step.

Manage your tournament teams with an Excel sheet

Locate and open the downloaded file to enter your data. The fields Team, City and Country are required fields that we need to create the profiles of your teams.

Manage the information of teams in your tournament

The fields Contact, Email, Phone number, Color of the first kit, Color of the second kit and Shield are optional fields that can be used to keep all your information organised.

If you have the shields of your equipment, it is necessary that you host them on your server and enter the URL of each image. In case you do not have your own server, you can choose to upload them to Google Drive and enter the link of each image hosted on the Drive.

URL example of an image hosted on our own server:

URL example of an image hosted in Google Drive:

Excel file with details of the teams in your competition

Once you have your file ready, save it and click on the Select file button.

Upload your teams from an Excel sheet

In the pop-up window, locate the file on your computer and confirm the selection with the Open button.

Import an Excel sheet with a list of your teams

Finally, give the button Upload and review the result of the import.

Teams imported from Excel