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Link match statistics to players

Let your participants feel like professional players. Link the match statistics from your tournaments and leagues to your players so that they can keep track of their goals, assists, penalties and more.

There are two ways to get this done. Either you can allow players to join the teams you create in your competitions or you can allow them to claim a player that you have previously added to the competition.

1) Players create their profiles and join the teams' squads

With the option Join a team's squad you can save yourself the trouble of adding players to your teams. However, you have to keep in mind that the users will own the players, meaning you won't be able to modify their photos or any personal data. To set up this option, go to the profile of a team and navigate to the Settings tab.

Allow players to join a team in a tournament

You can either ask your players to send you a request before joining the team, or the process can be automatic. With the Manual setup you will receive a notification to confirm or deny a player whenever somebody sends a request to join a team. With the Automatic setup any player will be able to join a team without your prior approval.

Link competition statistics to players

With any of these options enabled, players will see a Join button in the profile of your teams. Depending on the chosen setup, they will be added to your teams immediately or they will get a notification that their request to join a team has been sent and they will have to wait for your response. Once they form part of the team's squad, you will be able to assign them match statistics from the competitions they play in.

The option to join a team is currently available only from the web.

2) You add players to your teams' squads and users link their profiles

With the option to Claim a player you will need to create the squads for all your teams, either by importing them from an Excel file or by adding them manually one by one. You will be the owner of these players and will be able to modify their data at any time.

List of players with match statistics

This option is only available from the web and does not need to be configured. Registered users can locate a Claim Player button in a profile of any player. When they hit this button, they will see a notification confirming the action and you will receive their request, which you can accept or deny.

Claim player of a competition

Once you approve their request, the users will be able to view the match statistics in their profile, but won't be able to edit the data of the players in your tournament.

Player statistics in the profile of a user