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Your first tournament / Add multiple administrators

Add multiple tournament organisers

Do you organise a large tournament with multiple managers and volunteers? Or would you like your referees to enter the match results in real time? Do you have a social media manager who shares photos and news? In Competize , it's our mission is to minimise your workload. Delegate you work by adding more administrators to your competitions.

In your Home screen or in the tab Events, click on the name of your event.

Manage your sports events with a tournament software

Navigate to the tab Settings in the administration panel of your event.

Sports events software for your tournaments and leagues

Below the screen locate the section Team Roles.

Team roles in the organization of a tournament or league

Add new administrators by entering their name or email address. If the person has previously registered, their profile will appear in a suggestion menu. Select the profile of the person. If the person is not yet registered, write their email to invite them.

Add multiple organisers of the tournament or championship

Choose the role that the person plays. Each role entails different administration permissions:

* Admin - you can edit everything.
* Referee - you can edit only the matches.
* Editor - you can edit news on the teams and matches page.

Admin rights for organisers, arbitrators and editors