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Your first tournament / Create a competition

Create competition

Turn your amateur tournament into the Champions League with Competize . Our software, which is available from computers, Android and iOS mobile applications, ultimately helps organisers of sports competitions, from large private agencies, clubs and individual organisers to eSports.

From your organiser account, start by clicking on
Add new event..

Add new event

To create your first event, fill in the basic information such as the event name and location.

Event information

On the screen of your event, navigate to the Competitions tab and locate the Add button to create a new competition.

Add new competition

Configure your competition settings to best suit your needs.

1. Start by filling in the name of the competition. In Competize we cover all the most common tournament and league systems available in different sports such as football, basketball, tennis, padel, handball, volleyball and many more.
2. Select the format of the sport selected, for example in football we offer from football 3 to football 11, including futsal and beach football.
3. Enter the start date of your competition.
4. Choose the type of competition, league, playoffs, cup or groups with knockouts and configure the number of matches between two teams (one leg, two legs).
5. Select the number of groups. We allow competitions of up to 16 groups. You can also configure the number of elimination rounds and even the number of consolation rounds.
6. Configure the visibility of some optional sections such as rankings, teams, sanctions and game rules.

Save your changes and you will be redirected to the administration panel you the competition you've just created.

Configuration of the competition

Once your competition is created, add the participants in the Teams tab. Save time by adding sample teams.

Sample teams

Sample teams allow you to generate the calendar immediately and customize the names and logos of the teams later. To edit the teams, use the pen icon next to their names.

Edit team

In case of competitions with different groups, draw your groups randomly in a single click from the Standings tab. If you work with seeded teams or have other preferences for team divisions, select the team icons and manually drag them to the chosen groups.

Manual draws

If you do not have preferences for seeding of your teams, you can draw your teams randomly in a single click with the button Generate random groups.

Random draws

To create your schedule, navigate to the Matches tab and add the fields and matchdays at the bottom of the screen. To add a playing field, enter the name and the direction of the field.

Añadir campos de juego

To add a new matchday, select the playing field, day and time of the match.

Add matchdays

Once you have the fields and matchdays, generate your calendar with the Automatic calendar button. In an instant we will pair all your teams according to the type of competition chosen.

Create calendar

To modify or update the calendar, edit your matches from the table. To add team lineups, player statistics or comments, enter the details of each match by clicking on the pen icon at the start of each line.

Edit matches