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Standings & brackets / Edit promotion, relegation rules

Edit tables - promotion, relegation rules

If your competition is played in a league format, the first classified teams may ascent to a higher division or get promoted to special competitions. In a similar fashion, the last classified teams may descent. In Competize we let you manage the rules of promotion and relegation so that they adapt to the needs of your competitions.

To edit the promotion and relegation criteria, navigate to your competition and enter the Standings tab. At the top locate the legends box and click on the link Add legends.

Edit the criteria of promotion, relegation, ascent, descent

In the next step, you will see three columns in a pop-up window. First column explains the description of the rule. Other two columns indicate the number of affected teams in the first and last positions of the classification.

Table standings, classifying teams

In the Description add a brief explanation, for example Ascents to division A. In First Position indicate the position of the first team affected by the rule. In “Last Position” indicate the position of the last team affected. To configure for example that the first two classified teams go up in their category, you have to indicate: first position 1, last position 2.

Example of promotion, relegation, ascent, descent