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Edit player & team rankings

Promote the competitiveness in your tournaments and leagues with player and team rankings in the following categories: scorers, goalkeepers, best players and fair play. Save time in the management of your competitions and bring more transparency with Competize automatic player and team rankings.

To edit the rankings, enter your competition, select the Rankings tab and click on the Edit rankings button

Sports software for management of player and team rankings

In the following pop-up screen, you can choose to edit the visibility of the different sections:

* Best scorers
* Best goalkeepers
* Best players (MVPs)
* Fair play

By unchecking any of the boxes, the rankings will disappear from the public view of the competition. In your private panel you will continue to see all the rankings.

You can also configure if you want players and fans to vote for the man of the match. In case of checking the box, the players and followers of a team will receive a notification to vote for their favourite player after a match has been finished.

Finally, you can modify the criteria of fair play, selecting if the winner will be the team accumulating the most or least amount of points and awarding the points related to each card.

Rankings of best scorers, goalkeepers, MVPs, fair play