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Teams / Edit sanctions

Sanction players for fouls & misconduct

Your game, your rules. Sanction players for offences: fouls, misconduct, rule violations. Apply cautions or dismiss players. Determine the result of yellow, red, blue, white cards. Make any changes to the default sanction system in a matter of seconds and our algorithms will adjust accordingly.

To edit sanctions, navigate to the Sanctions tab in the administration panel of your competition and click on the Edit sanctions button.

Manage sanctions for fouls, misconduct and rule violation

In the pop-up window, configure how many matches will be affected by the accumulation of a certain number of yellow cards, by a double yellow card and by a direct red. Each option has a box in which you can edit its value.

Sanction players with caution or dismissal

Once your competition has started, you will be able to see the list of sanctions indicating which player of which team has been sanctioned for what reason.

Penalise or suspend players for infraction of regulations

To clarify any doubts you might have about the cards, we leave you with a brief description of each. For example, are you familiar with the blue cards?

Players sanctioned with yellow, red, blue, white cards

* Yellow cards: indicate a temporary suspension or a warning to a player or coach.
* Red cards: serve for permanent expulsion. A player who has been sent off is forced to leave the field immediately and no longer participates in the game. The player can not be replaced during the match and his team must continue the game with one player less.
* Blue cards: indicate the disqualification of a player, where the team remains without its player during a period of time.
* White cards: are used to distinguish fair play. They are common in grassroots sports with the goal of promoting companionship and respect.