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Digital score sheets for match reports

Start creating your match reports with digital score sheets. Assign your referees permissions to edit matches thanks to the multi-administration functionality and let them add all the match results through our mobile app. For maximum detail, we also offer time-keeping system that can record your statistics minute by minute. Alternativelly, you can use the empty score sheets to print them and hand them out to your referees before the matches.

First of all, to create your game score sheets, go to the Settings tab of your competition. At the bottom check the box Match Matches Minutes. Then click on the button Save, in the upper right part of the screen.

Digital score sheets for match reports

To view your score sheets, navigate to the Matches tab and hit the Manage Matches button. Choose Print match minutes.

Print match minutes of a tournament or league

In the pop-up window, indicate if you want to see the score sheets of the matches not played yet, with results or just the selected ones.

Create tournament score sheets for matches

If you want to select specific matches, close the pop-up window, tick the boxes at the beginning of each line of the table with matches you want to print and then return to the pop-up window.

Create digital score sheets for selected matches

You can also choose the matches belonging to concrete groups.

Create tournament score sheets for groups

And lastly, you can choose to print only match minutes for games from certain days.

Create tournament score sheets for days

Once you are done, click Continue and then Download.

Download score sheets for match reports

Digital score sheets with your match reports are also publicly available. If your teams or fans want to access them, they have to enter a competition, navigate to the tab Results and choose a specific match.

View the match reports of a tournament or league

On the match details page, you have to locate the button View scoresheet on the top right.

View the match minutes of a tournament or league

A pop-up window will open with the match report and a button to download it.

View the score sheet of a tournament or league

The format of the digital score sheet varies for different sport disciplines. We offer detailed score sheets for football and basketball and a standard format for all other sports.
Digital score sheets for football tournaments and leagues
Digital score sheets for basketball tournaments and leagues