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Screen league scores on PC and TV monitors

Take advantage of the screens located at your tournament facilities or available in the hotels that host your players. Communicate easily with all participants, displaying the information of your competitions in real time.

To use TV Mode (PRO) you only need to have a screen and connect it to a computer with an internet connection. To select what information you want to display, navigate to the Competition profile and click on the TV Mode button located in the top right corner.

TV Mode of a tournament, league or championship

In the pop-up window you can choose to display:

  • Standings - Additionally you can set the number of groups you want to show.
  • Brackets
  • Scorers - Shows the ranking of the top scorers.
  • Goalkeepers - Displays the list of the players who have received the least goals.
  • Most valued players - Displays the players voted best in their matches.
  • Latest matches
  • Upcoming matches

Tick the boxes of the sections you want to include on the screen and click Show TV Mode.

SCcreen match scores of your tournaments and leagues

You will be presented with a full screen, which automatically refreshes and displays up-to-date information.

Display match scores on television screens