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Share sports events, competitions and matches | Competition

Share the schedules, live results and other news from your tournaments and leagues so that all your players stay up to date. Start publishing the news of your sports events, competitions and matches online, in your profile on Competize website and mobile applications, and share the URL link via email, chat, Facebook or Twitter in a single click.

Share events

Before sharing an event, make sure it is publicly accessible. All new events are public by default. We recommend that you leave the visibility of your tournaments and leagues public and if necessary, hide only the competitions and/or groups once you have created them.

Public tournament or league

If you want to change your event to private, enter the profile of your tournament or league by clicking on its name in the homepage of your account. At the top right you will see a slider, drag it to change the status to private. Private events will be visible only in your account, other people will not be able to access them.

Private tournament or league

To share your tournament or league via a direct URL link, select the Preview mode in your event's profile.

Share tournament via direct URL link

Once you are in the Preview mode, go to your web browser and copy the URL link.

Copy URL link of your tournament or league

To share your tournament on Facebook or Twitter, click on the respective icons on the right side of your event's cover banner.

Share your tournament or league on social media

The link of your tournament of league will be added directly to the Facebook post. Personalize the text of the publication, by adding any message, mentions, hashtags etc.

Share your tournament or league on Facebook

Your Twitter post will also appear prefilled with the link of your tournament and a short description that you can modify.

Share your tournament or league on Twitter

Share Competitions

Apart from sharing events, you can also share your competitions. To get started, choose one of your competitions.

All new competitions are private by default. In order for a competition to be publicly accessible from social media, change its status from Private to Public.

Share your competition on social media

To share a competition via a direct URL link, click on the Preview button in the top right corner and copy the competition's URL from the browser.

Preview your competition to share its link

To share your competition on Facebook or Twitter, use their respective icons in the upper right corner. As in the case of events, publications come with a link so that your followers can easily access the content.

Share your competition on Facebook

Share your competition on Twitter

Share matches

Finally, you can easily share your tournament's matches too. To share your games via a direct URL link, go to your competition and clic on the Preview button. Then navigate to the tab Matches.

Preview your competition to share its matches

Choose the match you wish to share and once you are in the details of the match, copy its URL from the browser.

To share a match on social media, click on the edit match icon in the administration panel of your competition or navigate to match details in the preview mode. Finally, click on the Facebook or Twitter icon.

Share matches on Twitter and Facebook