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Standings & brackets / Set up classifications

Make tables & brackets

We know that your tournament is unique, and therefore we let you customize a large part of its configuration. Depending on the type of your competition, you can modify the number and seeding of team groups, adjust the tie-break criteria, add promotion and relegation rules and set up both winner and loser brackets.

To modify the number of your groups, go to the Settings tab of your competition.

Edit the number of groups in your tournament

In this tab you can also edit the number of elimination and consolation rounds. Select the option All (Ranking) from the list of consolation rounds, and we will create your winner and loser brackets.

Number of consolation and elimination rounds

You can view your groups and brackets in the Standings tab of your competition.

Group stage, knockout and team standings

To edit the tie-break criteria, locate the Tie break criterion link at the top of the Standings tab.

Tie-breaker criteria of your tournament

Choose any of the 6 options listed: total goals difference, team with more goals in favor, team with fewer goals against, result of head to head matchups, team with a better fair play, or the younger team. Finally, to cover any unforeseen situations, we also offer you the option to add your own tiebreaker criteria.

Edit the tie-breaker criteria of your tournament

If you are interested in managing the promotions and relegations of your competitions, locate the Add legends link.

Tournament promotion and relegation rules

Enter the description of the rule you would like to set up, and the order number of the first and last position affected.

Set up team prommotions and relegations

Once you update the results of your matches, you will be able to consult your teams' standings in real time. Our algorithms will do all the work for you, forget spending sleepless nights calculating the points of your teams.

Tournament standings in group phase

After your group stage is played, we will automatically display the classifying teams in the knockout brackets.

Classified teams in knockout rounds