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Standings & brackets / Edit tie-breaker criteria

Edit tables - tiebreak criteria

Learn how to set up different tiebreak criteria for your tables. Manage the team standings and classifications to match the rules of your tournaments and leagues. In Competize we include all the options to have your back covered under any circumstances.

In the administration of your competition, under the tab Standings you will find the option to modify your tiebreak criteria.

Manage the tiebreaker criteria of your tables

Clicking on it will bring up a pop-up screen with two columns. In the column of Active criteria you will see the criteria that we use by default in the exact order in which they are applied. In the column of Inactive Criteria you will see the criteria that are not taken into account, but that remain available to you in case you consider them to be decisive.

Determine team standings and classifications with tiebreaker criteria

To activate a new tiebreaking rule, place the mouse over its name in the column of inactive criteria, click and hold the mouse to drag the criteria to the column of active criteria. In the same way you can deactivate a criterion, dragging it from the active criteria column to the inactive criteria column. You can also change the order of the criteria, dragging them to higher or lower positions.

Tiebreaking rules - goals difference, goals in favor or against

Finally, we offer you also a blank box to add a custom criterion that applies in case your teams tie to all the above. To decide upon the classifying team, you might choose to break the tie at random using a coin toss or a drawing of lots.

Tiebreaker rules - win-loss record, fair play

To simplify it even further, please find below a brief description of the existing tiebreaker criteria to manage the team standings and classifications in your tables:

* Total goal difference: Corresponds to the difference between goals scored and goals received. The greater the goal difference, the better the classification of the team.
* Team scoring more goals: This criterion rewards the team that has scored the most goals in the entire competition.
* Team receiving less goals: Favors the team that has fewer goals conceded throughout the competition.
* Direct matches between the two teams: This rule takes into account the clashes between the two teams tied, choosing as winner the one with most goals scored in those matches. If there are more than two teams tied, we resort to the so-called particular league. This league consists of creating a new standings table, taking into account only the matches played between the teams tied and showing their classification based on these matches.
* Team with better fair play: The tiebreaker takes into account the points accumulated with yellow and red cards. The team with the best fair play score is the one who advances in the tables. The points assigned to each kind of card is defined in the sanctions section.
* Younger team: Classifies the team with the youngest average age.