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Integrate fixtures, results in league's website

Does your league have an official website where you would like to publish the match fixtures, game results, standings and more? Simplify the communication with all your fans and interact with real-time information thanks to the Competize widget. Increase the traffic to your league's website. Promote your events and generate greater visibility for your sponsors.

The Competize widget is an application that you can embed in your blog or a website with your domain. This way you can save time in the administration of your competitions with our league management software and publish all the information managed in and in our Android & iOS mobile apps in the official website of your league, club or facility.

Below you can see an example of our widget. To preview the integration of our widget on your website, you can copy the following HTML code and embed it in your domain:

<iframe src='' style='display: block; background: #000; border: none; height: 800px; width: 100%'></iframe>

Thanks to the Competize widget, you can integrate all the information publicly visible in the Profile of a competition. This includes:
To preview the look of your competition, click on the Public view button in the upper right corner.

Get Competize widget

To integrate the widget into your website, first navigate to your Profile by clicking on your user's photo on the right side of the main bar. From the drop-down menu choose Plans & Billing. On the next screen, under our standard plans for the Competize league management software, you will find the Widget section.

Purchase web integration for tournaments and leagues

The widget can be purchased in combination with any of our subscription plans: Friends, Small Tournaments or Professional Managers. The subscription is billed anually for a total sum of 108€ (9€/month). It is not possible to subscribe monthly, for shorter periods of time.

To proceed with the purchase, click on Add. In the Review& Pay screen we will ask you for your Payment Information. You will also have the option of entering your Billing Data to receive an invoice in the name of another person/company that does not match the name indicated in the Payment Information.

Subscribe to widget for tournaments, leagues and championships

Your widget subscription will be automatically renewed on annual basis. To check your renewal date, please navigate to your Profile and go to your account Settings. In the section Plan you will find your active subscriptions along with their renewal date and the option to Cancel the subscription. By cancelling your widget subscription, you will only be able to continue using it until the end of the contracted period.

Embed your league's data in Wordpress and other websites

Once you have purchased the widget, navigate to the Profile of the competition you want to integrate and enter the Settings tab. At the bottom of the screen you will find the Generate widget button.

Create widget for league fixtures and results
With this button you will receive the HTML code that you need to insert into your webiste. Copy all the information included between <iframe></iframe>.

Integrate fixtures and results in a league website

Then enter the content manager of your website, whether it is Wordpress, Wix or a custom developed site. Choose the entry/page in which you want to insert your league's information or create a new one. Once you're in the editing mode of the entry/page, make sure to be using the HTML editor. Here, paste the copied code and preview the result in the visual part if you have a WYSIWYG interface.

Integrate results and standings in a league website

If you organise an event with multiple competitions (one for each age group or division for example), you will have to repeat the process for each. We recommend that you create a menu dedicated to "Results" or "Fixtures" and within this menu include all the entries.

Edit the widget design

To change the look of your widget, you can modify the following attributes:
  • display: block; - Sets the alignment of the container. Here you can consult other values of the display property.
  • background: #000; - Sets the background colour of the widget. Here you can see how to edit the background property.
  • border: none; - Sets whether the container has a border. Here you will find other values for the border property.
  • height: 800px; width: 100%; - Specifies the dimensions (height and width) of the widget. Here you can learn more about the height and width properties.

Integrations in our clients' league websites

To learn more about all the benefits that an integration of Competize widget can bring to your league, club of facilty website, you can view our clients' examples:
  • Pirineos Cup - A tournament with 100 teams divided into 7 categories. Players from U8 to U19, along with a female category, measure their strengths in a competition using a group and knockouts format.
Integration of standings and rankings in a league website
  • Iscar Cup - A grassroots tournament with squads from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG and FC Porto. 32 teams face each other in the group phase, of which 16 advance to the golden division and 16 reach the silver division.
Create a league website
  • Memorial Enric Rodà Serra "Licu" - 7-a-side football tournament organised by the Bosc de Tosca football club for 24 top-level teams from Romania, Japan and Spain, who compete in a group phase, followed by three divisions.
Integration of fixtures and results in a league website