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Documents on your personalised tournament & league website

In the Documents tab you can attach any documentation related to your sport events, from brochures, competition rules, insurance policies or safety protocols.

Documents on your personalised tournament and league website

To publish a new document, click Add and fill in the following fields:

New document on your personalised sports events website

  • PDF - Click on top of the section and upload a document in .pdf format.
  • Title - Type the title of the document.
  • Category - Choose which category the document belongs to: standards, regulations, rules, calendar, sports injuries, trophies.

Document categories on your personalised website for sports events

Once you are finished, click on Done. This will store the document as a draft in the database of your website. To publish this draft, you must create a new menu entry in the < Navigation tab of your website's administration panel.

Create a new entry in the navigation menu by selecting the Document category and choose the content draft you've just created.

Post documents on your personalised sports website