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Pages on your personalised tournament & league website

In the Pages tab you can add new web pages to your personalised tournament & league website. To begin with, you will find few non-editable pages, such as Contact, Gallery, News and Videos.

Web pages on your personalised tournament and league website

To add a new web page, click on Add and fill in:

New page on your personalised sports events website

  • Slug - The slug is the url structure that will appear after your domain name on every page of your website. The slug must be unique and as short as possible, using 6 words maximum and removing articles, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. At the same time, the slug must be descriptive, integrating the main keywords of the web page whose content it will show. It is important to use lowercase letters, separate words by central hyphens (-) and avoid using accents and other characters such as the letter ñ. For example, for your event web page Summer Tournament in Cerdanya you can use the slug tournament-summer-cerdanya or for Soccer camp the slug campus-futbol.
  • Title - Fill in the title of the page that will be seen in the results of search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Content - Add and format the content of the web page, including text, images and videos.

Once you are finished, confirm your changes with the Done button. This will store the content as a draft in the database of your website. To publish this draft, you must create a new menu entry in the Navigation tab of your website's administration panel.

Create a new entry in the navigation menu by selecting the Page category and choose the content draft you've just created. It is important that the slug you use in the New menu screen of the Navigation tab matches exactly the slug of the page you want to publish.

New navigation menu on your personalised sports events website