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Tables, brackets, standings for tournaments & leagues of all sizes.

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For simple tournaments & leagues looking to keep results in one place.


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Small Tournaments

For complex tournaments & leagues looking to save time scheduling.

14 / month (*)

140 / year (*)

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Professional Managers

For large tournaments & leagues looking to engage fans and sponsors.

39 / month (*)

390 / year (*)

60 / month (*)

600 / year (*)

81 / month (*)

810 / year (*)

102 / month (*)

1020 / year (*)

123 / month (*)

1230 / year (*)

144 / month (*)

1440 / year (*)

165 / month (*)

1650 / year (*)

186 / month (*)

1860 / year (*)

200 / month (*)

2000 / year (*)

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Monthly plan

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

Save 2 months

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Federations & Agencies

For specialised organisers looking to manage many teams or customise services.

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Compare the features
Active competitions 15≥10Unlimited
Schedule correct correct correct correct
Clasifications & standings correct correct correct correct
Statistics correct correct correct correct
Inscriptions correct correct correct correct
Fields 1 Multiple Multiple Multiple
Pictures / competition 10 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Pictures / team 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Pictures/ match 2 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Organizers 1 1 Multiple Multiple
Custom scores incorrect correct correct correct
Personalized standings incorrect incorrect correct correct
Sponsor banners incorrect incorrect correct correct
Import player data incorrect incorrect correct correct
TV mode incorrect incorrect correct correct
Main events incorrect incorrect correct correct
Competition copies incorrect incorrect correct correct


✓ Integrate the Competize widget in your website with just a couple of lines.
✓ Attract more traffic to your website and offer a professional experience showing all the information of Competize in real-time
✓ As long as your widget plan is active, you can integrate unlimited widgets for your competitions (the limit of active competitions per plan still apply)

9 € / month (*)

Billed Yearly

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How do I sign up?

You start with a free plan or a 7-days free trial for any of our advanced plans. We don't bill your credit card until the end of the trial period, which allows you to determine if Competize is the right solution for your needs.

How does the free trial work?

Competize offers one free trial per account. After the 7 days trial period, you'll have the option to contract any of our paid plans with the respective limitations of managed competitions or downgrade to our free plan to manage only one competition. You can contract or cancel any of the plans from your Account panel in a matter of few clicks.

What do you mean by unlimited?

Competize plan for Professional Managers does not have limit for sharing photos. As per our Terms & Conditions, competitions cannot exist for the sole purpose of photo sharing.

What is an active competition?

We only limit the number of simultaneously active competitions. Activating a competition allows for publishing group stage division and following standings in real time. You can have as many inactive competitions as you wish and you can change the status of your competitions anytime.

A competition is played between teams of the same age group during a season. Some examples:

- Tournament with 4 different age groups (Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14). This tournament has 4 competitions.
- Regular league with 3 divisions (Premier League, First Division, Second Divison). This league has 3 competitions.
- Champions League: group phase + knockout. This cup has just one competition.

How do I cancel?

Cancelling Competize is an easy and no-questions-asked process. You can cancel any time right from your Account panel. You'll have access to all features of your plan until the end of your purchased period.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch plans in your Account panel at any time. When upgrading your plan, the change will be immediate and you'll receive a prorated charge on your next billing date. When downgrading your plan, the price difference will be kept as credit for your next billing dates.

When are you going to bill me?

Competize for Small Tournaments and the Professional Manager plan are paid monthly at the beginning of your plan, whereas the Widget plan is billed annually. All subscriptions are recurrent, unless you've upgraded or downgraded your plan. We make it simple to start and stop your contract at any time.

Have more questions?

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(*) Country taxes will be applied to individual customers of EU based countries.
    No taxes will be applied to UE based business providing the VAT number due to the reverse charge mechanism.
    Country taxes will be charged to Spain based business.
    No taxes will be applied to not UE based customers.


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